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Thrilling story from Narinder Dharmi

Bang, Bang, You’re Dead by Narinder Dhami. Corgi Books.

A psychological drama that produces an absolutely corking twist, this is a book that sees Narinder Dharmi take on a totally genre of writing.

The Wolverhampton-born writer, who has penned more than 200 stories from Rainbow Fairies for under tens and Bend It Like Beckham, is tackling an altogether darker subject in this book.

It explores the unthinkable. It tells the story of Mia, a girl who forces herself to take action when a gunman enters her school.

She thinks the gunman in the school is her brother Jamie because he has developed a menacing attitude since their mother became ill with severe depression.

When he threatens to do something spectacular to snap their mother out of her illness, she thinks he has carried out his appalling threat. She must stop him carrying out this terrible crime and braves the empty school corridors looking for him.

She begins to play a terrifying game of cat and mouse; this normally timid teen crawls around the school to find him and to talk to this angry young man.

But, this is a clever and multi-layered tale and just when you think you know what’s going to happen, Dhami produces an incredible twist that leaves the reader reeling.

I’m not even going to hint at what it is: just read this enthralling book. You’ll be glad you did.