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Dear tooth fairy, I know you’re busy but…


tooth fairy

Can I ask you a couple of questions, please?

Children. You’ve got to love them. I love how they exude innocence and how they take matters such as losing a tooth VERY SERIOUSLY.

It is a matter of celebration when a tooth, after weeks of wobbliness and to-ing and fro-ing in the mouth, eventually plops onto their little hand.

Celebration because not only does it mean the delivery of 50p or £1 (or whatever the going rate is in your area) in exchange for the discarded tooth, but it means a VIP will be arriving that evening: the tooth fairy.

For both of my children that has meant great excitement. They love the magic of it all (how does she get in? Where does she take the teeth?), but their curiosity gets the better of them.

They – like many children – want to get to know their visitor. So, each time a tooth has been lost, a questionnaire is left for the tooth fairy to fill in – if she’s not too busy, of course.

We’ve had Tiffany visit a couple of times – and last night it was her friend Pepper, aged 7, from Beech Tree. Her favourite food is a peach and she has brown eyes and hair. Her favourite colour is red.

A new fairy to our house! The excitement was so strong you could taste it.

But there is one final question: what do they do with all those teeth?