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How Sainsbury’s turned me into the Grinch

You know that thing about Christmas being stressful?
Yesterday, Sainsbury’s very nearly turned me into the Grinch.
No, I wasn’t out shopping for food (I’m not *that* mad). No, my daughter decided she wanted to make the gingerbread house that featured in the December 2010 magazine.
Doesn’t it look amazing?

The Sainsbury's gingerbread house (December 2010 magazine)

Of course .. how hard could it be?
It was a NIGHTMARE to build.
The actual recipe was easy to follow and we just about managed to eke out the recipe so that we had enough to build the house.
The template was very carefully drawn and cut out; the dough was also very carefully cut out and was (almost) spot on.
Then it went in the oven and sort of warped.
It meant the pieces didn’t fit together properly and required a major salvage operation involving industrial amounts of royal icing (home made! First time I’ve made it) to ensure it stuck together.
There was much huffing and puffing (and swears in the head that were inappropriate for such a festive time of year). It took FOREVER to put together – four hands and six tins of tomatoes for support.
The operation turned me into the Grinch. Pah! to Christmas. I wanted to chuck the whole lot in the bin.

Sink estate gingerbread house. I was already thinking how to make a rusting pram and discarded tyres at this point

It didn’t look good. It looked awful. While we had started off envisaging a beautiful Hansel and Gretel creation, the reality seemed to be a sink estate house, complete with old washing machine outside the front door, half enders for a garden and rusty pram by the gate.
Thank goodness, then, for copious sweets, more icing sugar than you could shake a stick at, and some creative flair from an 11-year-old.
Turned out alright in the end … yes?


(no, we won’t be attempting it again. I daren’t tot up how much it cost to buy the ingredients!). Merry blooming Christmas.