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I’ve used HOW MUCH data? Orange, you are wrong AGAIN

I’ve blogged about Orange in the past, when it scrapped my email account without telling me.

It took a long time to trust the company again (actually, I’ve never really trusted it since).

When I swapped phones and renewed my contract in January (yes, stupidly staying with Orange, against my better judgment), I chose an HTC Desire with 500MB data allowance per month.

I asked for my new contract details to be emailed or sent via post to me. I received nothing.

I know that 500MB is not much data, but when I used 1g in the first month, I spoke to someone in customer services who told me not to upload photos, keep Facebook and Twitter to a minimum and not use apps like Sky and BBC news because they are data-heavy. He even laughed, saying “It’s only cost you £7.93 because of the package you are on, otherwise it’d be thousands.”

I laughed, too.

Not anymore. Today, I received this letter in the post:

(click on image to make it readable)

First reactions? Bewilderment, shaking, tears … How can this be possible?

What?! This is all but impossible. I’d heeded the advice of the Orange adviser and cut down my usage – checking on my phone every so often to see if I was within limits.

After a call to customer services, I must admit I’m still not much the wiser (I was not in the right frame of mind for speaking to them). I was told there is a known “issue” with HTCs as they keep downloading data in the background when you aren’t using your phone. (Really? Has anyone else had this problem?).

I was told I’d used a phenomenal amount of data – 2,000 somethings were mentioned – I thought she said MB, but now wonder if she actually said gigabytes.

I was also told that my paltry 500MB data allowance had been removed and that I had 500MG allowance to access email. How so? I’d not asked for it to be removed. I want the evidence that I did ask for it to be taken off.

The customer service adviser told me to cancel my direct debit, pay the £21.69 I owed for my talk package. A report has been sent to the recalculation department and I was told “not to worry” because it would be sorted.

I’m sure it will be, but it yet ANOTHER error by Orange – don’t even get me started on my daughter’s pay as you go Orange phone (which we are now moving to another provider).

Orange – you are an absolute disgrace.

Sort it. And do it quickly.

UPDATE: March 19

Seems my phone has continued to chew data (980MB in a week), despite my having taken all the advice from Orange on changing the settings so that the phone would not continuously update.

I was advised by someone in a customer services today that they switch off GPRS – hardly a great solution. I might as well have a £5 phone. He also told me they don’t cap data because “they want you to use your phone”. Although he admitted it would make sense if they did so.

As the original query is still with the recalculation department, I have to wait to see what comes back. One thing is for sure, I will be doing what I can get have this contract declared null and void.