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Can we have too many keepsakes?

Are you an inveterate hoarder of your children’s things? The first booty? A tiny vest? A favourite babygro?

OK, so these keepsakes may hold special memories for us, but what about the other items?

It took me years to whittle down the amount of clothes I kept from my children’s
baby and toddler years – and only after I was practically ordered to do so by my long-suffering other half who rolls his eyes at the things I keep “for special”.


Then came the scrawlings, pasta pictures and paintings done at play group, nursery and infants school; the projects at juniors; the billets doux; the letters to the tooth fairy; the handcrafted gifts made at school … I kept practically all of them.

Of course, something has to give or the house would be filled to the rafters with it all. Surely not every painting holds strong memories for us? I have sifted though some of them, but admittedly have way too many.

A mug, decorated with love

I’d never part company with the special keepsakes – the mug (pictured) hand decorated by my son when he was six; the lovely charms for a bracelet (pictured) created for me by my daughter when she was in her first year at secondary school.

There are plenty of other things, too: the ceramic heart, the clay leaf that is painted gold; the ribbon-tied box that is filled with love. The list goes on.

Do you, have you kept everything? Or do you instead have a system for sorting your memories? I’d love to hear about the things you have kept “for special”.