5 thoughts on “I might be naive, but Orange needs to learn customer service

  1. Jon Bounds

    The most important thing is probably to buy a domain name (a .uk one can be as little as £1.99) — you don’t have to have a website (although you could forward it here) just set up an email address that you own and control. If any service you’re using shuts down you can point emails somewhere else.

    For your £1.99 you’ll probably only get forwarding, rather than a email box — but you can set up a GMail account and point email there (it can even be set up to send and look like it’s your email address too). GMail also has free IMAP access which means that you’d be able to sync it to your computer (using Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird or…) so you;ll always have a backup.

  2. Neil Gleeson

    Hi Jayne,

    Sorry to hear. Have you given up now?. That would be a shame, but your call, as always.

    We might be able to help you further if you want to pursue this…


    Neil Gleeson

  3. jaynehowarth

    Hi Neil – I was the under the impression that was that, but am happy to continue with it, if you think it’s worth it

  4. stymaster

    Jayne, there’s a important lesson here. Orange are a big shower of b*****ds- I have personal experience.


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