Review: General Grievous Spinning Electronic Lightsaber

Here’s the deal: I am a guest reviewing toyologist for Toys R Us via the lovely Tara Cain at Sticky Fingers.

I was chosen at random to receive the General Grievous Spinning Electronic Lightsaber so my nine-year-old could put it through its paces. I am not compelled to give it a glowing review etc: just to offer an honest viewpoint on the toy … so, what did we really think?

General Grievous Spinning Electronic Lightsaber

May the force be with you … Well, it took two adults about 25 minutes, but the batteries in the blue lightsaber were eventually forced in (and six bent batteries were chucked in the bin).

After patiently waiting for the other half of the weapon to be inserted into the gyro grip, my Star Wars-nutty son was able to battle like a true Jedi with the General Grevious Spinning Electronic LightSaber (isn’t the General a Kaleesh, though?).

When linked together, the double lightsaber stretches to just over four feet long – taller than my mini warrior – which meant battles had to be conducted outside the lounge in case the top of the Christmas tree was lopped off (or my head).

Surprisingly robust enough for the bravest knight on Upatu, it can be played with in different ways: two single lightsabers, one lightsaber in the gyro grip (and do some funky twirling action), two lightsabers in the gyro grip or the two sabers can be fixed together.

What did he love? The “power activation” battle clash sounds. These are fairly noisy, which is great for playing children who want to be authentic Star Wars fighters (not so great for the grown-ups after a while. I’m afraid my son was banished to the hall and his bedroom if he wanted to play with it with the noise on!).

Suitable for aged 6+.

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