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It’s all about the motivation, innit?

Motivation, motivation, motivation. It’s all about motivation, isn’t it?

As well as signing up for blog boost this week, to give myself a proverbial kick up the blogging backside, I also decided to indulge in a little weight loss (OK, maybe more than a little) and joined a Facebook group called NewYearNewBody via a Twitter friend.

The motivational postcard on my desk *ahem*

Five days into each and I’m already flagging.

I missed the blog post yesterday – I’m sure you’ll all gutted – and despite cutting out all snacks and relying on fruit to keep me feeling full, my jeans are tighter than ever.

I don’t want to go back to slimming clubs – too demoralising and expensive – even though I achieved my target weight when I attended them (different ones at different times, obviously, although the idea of attending two at the same time and mixing the regimes and doubling the calories is an inviting idea).

So, the Facebook group seemed like a good place to get motivation and keep me on track without having to go through the pain of weekly and public weigh-ins.
So, motivation is key here. I’m determined to keep myself on track and by not calling them New Year’s resolutions, I should manage it. At least for today.

But blog posts EVERY DAY? How on earth do I keep myself motivated?
In fact, how do you keep yourself motivated to write blog posts every day? I write for a living; words are my job. I run a hyperlocal blog, too – more of which another time – and write for pleasure.

I’ve read many of those “50 blog ideas” etc and rarely do they inspire; I jot down things that happen and decide I don’t want to write what is essentially a diary of “what I did today”; I read others’ blogs and comment when I can.

So, tell me. Inspire me again. How do you keep motivated to blog every single day?