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How was dinner, darling? Erm … is honesty the best policy?

The aroma is sublime and you know he’s spent AGES preparing dinner, so what’s the etiquette when he asks how the meal is – and you don’t actually like it?

What do you if you don't like the meal your partner has cooked?

Tricky, isn’t it?

Relationships are all about honesty, but is there a time when you can be too frank?

I asked the dinner question on Twitter and the general consensus was “don’t tell the truth”. I struggle with that.

I believe in the old adage of honesty being the best policy, but I do appreciate there are ways of telling the truth without necessarily hurting their feelings. And such an approach has to be tailored to the person whose meal you are about to criticise.

What I may say to my partner is very different from what I may tell a friend who asked the same question.
If the children pick at a dish, we urge them to tell us if they liked it. Our philosophy is that if they say they enjoyed it, we’ll probably make it again.

So, last night, as we sat down to eat, my son picked at it … he clearly wasn’t enjoying the lovingly-created, home-made curry, made from scratch (including the roasting of the spices). I didn’t particularly enjoy it, either.

When the killer question came: “What do you think?” There was a pause that was a micro-second too long and a very carefully-worded appraisal (which, in all honesty, sounds far grander than it actually was).
I’d like to think the same would happen if the tables were turned.

But what do you think? What would you do?