What’s your favourite word?

Is there an English word that makes you feel warm inside? A word that you love to use because it trips off the tongue beautifully?

What's your favourite word?

A few years ago, the UK public were asked to vote for their favourite sounding word and I was thrilled when serendipity took top spot in 2000 and the fabulous word nincompoop took top billing in 2007.

Just saying them makes me smile no end, but there are other words, too, that I love for myriad reasons.

Kerfuffle reminds me of a big fat marshmallow pillow; curmudgeon is a portly word that fills the mouth; miasma; squidgy; river; squib … the list could go on.
Which words do you love? Let me know.

By the way, if you love words, have you thought about adopting one?
Adopt a Word raises money for I Can, a charity that helps children who have communication difficulties.

Two of my friends are marrying today after many years together. I’ve just adopted the word “cherish” for them. I hope they enjoy their gift.

3 thoughts on “What’s your favourite word?

  1. Adalia John

    I like “fantabulous” – it’s not really a word but I like the way it rolls off of my tongue and it makes me feel good inside. When I ask my granddaughter how she’s doing, more often than not, she replies “fantastic.” That’s my second choice.

  2. Hilary Nunns

    Hi Jayne

    My favourite word is pedagogy. I particularly enjoy watching others trip over ‘pedagogical’ because it has taken me years to say it with a firm gaze and no stuttering :)



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